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10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary Celebration
12 Mar 2015


Keys Meadow 10th Anniversary

09 Jul 2014

This summer, Keys Meadow Primary School celebrate their 10th anniversary. Since 2003 we at Keys Meadow have been looking out for and offering  opportunities for our children to step out of their comfort zones. From living and working on a farm to sailing on the English Channel. From putting on sports day at Olympic training venue to staging our children’s final school performance at the Millfield Theatre, plus many more innovative projects, we strive to help boost aspirations in our pupils, broaden their horizons and raise awareness of their options for the future in order to maximise their potential.

This project and event is a celebration of this and will launch the next 10 years, when we aim to reach further into our local community, to further strengthen existing connections and forge new ones.

The project will begin in June with a community project in partnership with Sineid Codd an artist with considerable experience in community led projects. Through nine extra curricula workshops involving pupils, families and staff the aim is to strengthen community cohesion by working together to create a collaborative permanent sculpture that echoes the ethos at keys Meadow and creates a sense of achievement and possibility within the children and the wider school community.

The art work will be unveiled at a 10th anniversary after school celebration, on the 17th July. This will be a festival style event, which will involve participation from the whole school community, local community artists, performers and musicians and will offer a platform to celebrate our achievements, whilst inspiring and forging new connections with local business and services. These newly formed connections will lead to new opportunities and support for our community and help to spread our maxim – ‘You Can Do It You Can Fly’



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