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Futures Driver

Year 4 Poetry Performance
02 Jul 2018  -  Pri: 14/07/2018
Keys Meadow CD
23 May 2018
Keys Meadow CD
23 Apr 2018
Year 3 & 4 Performance
12 Mar 2018
Year 6 Leavers 2017
02 Oct 2017


Soar Phase - Belonging Project 2017

27 Jun 2017

Belonging - An adaptation of the book La Mariposa, by Francisco Jimenez, performed by Year 5 and 6 in collaboration with aerial artists Scarabeus.

In Keys Meadow's interpretation, a young girl called Aisha flees from her home country of Syria to the United Kingdom. Are you an immigrant? Do you know what it would feel like to leave your home?

Soar Phase aim to show the full extent of the crisis in Syria and highlight the struggle that all people go through in their search for refuge. Within the performance, audience members will be guided through Aisha's journey as she struggles to adapt to the environment around her, finally finding happiness in butterflies. This is where she will literally lift off and fly with the help of Scarabeus.

This performance will be sight specific, encompassing several locations around the school so please wear appropriate footwear, as there's a lot of walking to be done to see everything!

This school promenade is highly reccommended and tickets are selling fast at the price of £3 each or £5 for two. Performance times are as above in the poster.

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