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Keeping Children Safe


Online Safety Policy

05 May 2015

Keys Meadow Primary School takes the safety of all children and adults very seriously.
The On-Line Policy is written to protect all children and adults. We recognise that e-Safety encompasses not only Internet technologies, but also electronic communications such as mobile phones and wireless technology.
What does electronic communication include?
  • Internet collaboration tools: social networking sites and web-logs (blogs);
  • Internet research: websites, search engines and web browsers;
  • Mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs);
  • Internet communications: e-mail and instant messaging;
  • Webcams and videoconferencing;
  • Wireless games consoles.
Internet technologies and electronic communications provide children and young people with opportunities to broaden their learning experiences and develop creativity in and out of school. However, it is also important to consider the risks associated with the way these technologies can be used. The e-Safety Policy should recognise and seek to develop the skills that children and young people need when communicating and using these technologies properly, while keeping safe and secure, and acting with respect for others. It should be read and applied in conjunction with the school’s Child Protection, Behaviour Management and Bullying Policies.

The risks to e-safety are caused by people acting inappropriately or even illegally. Any potential issue must be dealt with at a personal level. Teachers are the first line of defence; their observation of behaviour is essential in detecting danger to pupils and in developing trust so that issues are reported. Incidents will vary from the prank or unconsidered action to considered illegal activity.
What are the risks?
  • Receiving inappropriate content;
  • Predation and grooming;
  • Radicalisation;
  • Requests for personal information;
  • Viewing ‘incitement’ sites;
  • Bullying and threats;
  • Identity theft;
  • Publishing inappropriate content;
  • Online gambling;
  • Misuse of computer systems;
  • Publishing personal information;
  • Hacking and security breaches;
  • Corruption or misuse of data. 
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