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Genre of the Month - December

10 Dec 2018

Genre of the Month - December 2018

Each month, during singing assemblies and as part of classroom Daily Listening sessions, the children are exposed to a variety of songs and artists from a given genre. This will involve listening to and appraising famous extracts, singing along with sections, and composing in the style of what has been listened to.

For this month, the chosen genre is: Pop.


What can I do to help my child?
- Play a variety of songs from this genre
- Talk to them about songs from this genre including the artists that have composed or performed them
- Discuss the historical or social context of the music
- Sing along with songs from this genre
- Encourage them to create their own verse to a famous song using voice of instrument
- Compare songs from this genre with a previously learnt genre

Artists we've listened to:
Jason Mraz
Kylie Minogue
Ed Sheeran
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