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The Use of Pupil Premium



Report on the Use of the Pupil Premium Grant

30 May 2017

Nature of Support 2016/17
Focus on Learning in the curriculum 74%
Focus on social, emotional , mental health and behaviour  21%
Focus on enrichment beyond the curriculum 5%
Focus on families/community  0.5%
Curriculum Focus:
  1. Ensure ALL children make at least expected progress and achieving age related (national) expectations in Reading, Writing (including Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Maths.
  2. Continue to diminish the difference between any groups of learners.
To download a copy of the full report, please click here:  Pupil Premium Report 2016-17  

 Expenditure  Cost  Objective  Impact
Reduce Class size Years 5 & 6 £68,002.00 To focus teaching and increase individual support at all levels. Improved attainment and accelerated progress prior to transfer to the next stage of pupils’ education. 29 Y5 & 31 Y6 children entitled to pupil premium funding benefit from increased teaching time.
Assistant Headteachers £58,491.00 Quality coaching, mentoring and teaching support to develop Quality First Inclusive Teaching (QFIT) and to ensure consistent application of school policies and practices. Monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance leads to individualised support programmes to enable teachers to adapt teaching to the individual needs of learners in their class. Improved QFIT towards the target of 90% good or better teaching with over 50% judged to be outstanding. Consistent implementation of policies, strategies and practices ensures that all pupils have equality of access to the quality school curriculum.
Booster Maths Sessions £11,685.50 Specialist teaching to boost levels of attainment and progress at higher levels. 28 children accessed small group booster sessions aiming to increase attainment at ARE.
TA individual and small group interventions in reading, writing and maths £17,780.00 Individualising support at all levels: including Daily Phonics, Booster phonics, 15 Mins a day Reading (Y2), Catch-up reading, 5 minute Number Box & Maths Booster. Difference diminished in attainment and progress in reading, writing and maths.
Power of Reading Programme £1,050.00 To engage teachers and children in the literacy curriculum through using high quality books and proven teaching approaches. Increased attainment and progress in reading and writing.
ICT Learning Resources £13,740.00 Extending resources and using ICT to motivate and raise attainment and provide access for children without connectivity at home. 2014 National Curriculum implemented, resourced to ensure it is relevant, motivating, engaging and coherent. Lack of home access to technology does not affect attainment.
Accelerated Reader Programme £545.00 Purposeful reading practice pitched at the individual level. 98 children in KS2 have access to an increased amount of reading leading to improved attainment and progress in reading at all levels.
Training / CPD £9,000.00 To improve the quality and consistency of teaching for learning to be consistently good or better. Teachers will have consistently high expectations of pupils and demonstrate a good understanding of the attainment & progress of children in their care. Appropriate interventions are sought for all children at risk.
Educational Psychologist £4,243.20 To provide professional advice and consultation from the educational Psychology Service to ensure the school meets the needs of individual children. 8 children benefitted from support from the Educational Psychologist.
I Can programme – platinum sweatshirts & wristbands £1,794.00 A whole school programme to develop the characteristics of successful people. Pupils are supported to achieve their I Can wristbands each year and Platinum Year 6 Hero sweatshirt.
Individual & family therapy:   Targeted support for identified children and families provided by qualified therapists. 11 children entitled to Pupil Premium funding benefitted from individualised therapeutic support.
PAARS £810.00
Attendance support £111.60
music therapy £4,920.00
Sensory Room £8,000.00
Play therapy £267.50
Pastoral Support £11,815.00 Targeted family work to support vulnerable children and their parents to ensure good attendance and encourage parental engagement with the school and their child's learning. Approximately 30 vulnerable families supported by the school (finance, housing, social care, counselling support, family learning) and have a point of contact at the school.
School's Pivotal Trainer (CPD) £1,950.00 In school expertise developed to ensure that our Behaviour Management and other policies and procedures are founded upon quality research and evidence of impact. Behaviour management training provided for all staff in school and regular updates and targeted CPD delivered to ensure children are supported to make appropriate choices about their behaviour.
SEMH and Learning Mentor support £10,302.00 Provision of additional support for children with SEMH. Behaviour improved and barriers to learning overcome so that targeted pupils make at least expected progress.
Play Leaders £7,032.00 Improved provision during active lunchtimes. Children targeted and engaged in quality play experiences at lunchtimes.
Subsidised Visits including Kingswood Residential £240.00 Extending school hours and providing opportunities. Children offered residential at a multi activity centre. Subsidies arranged on individual basis aiming to increase access to extended opportunities and reduce barriers. Intended outcome is increased self-esteem and belief: Building confidence, greater independence & improved teamwork & collaborative skills.
Belonging Project - visual arts project exploring the concept of home and migration working with professional artists, supported by the Arts Council £796.00 To help boost aspirations in our pupils, broaden their horizons and raise awareness of their options for the future. 29 Y5 & 31 Y6 pupils entitled to pupil premium in Soar Phase benefited from increased knowledge and understanding of the work of the theatre. Improved confidence, self-esteem, and a huge sense of achievement from staging a professional standard production for 6 performances.
Musical instrument tuition - Recorder & Ukulele (Y3 & 4) £340.00 All pupils provided with the opportunity to learn the ukulele and learn to read music 38 Pupil Premium pupils in Y3 & 4 given the opportunity to play a stringed instrument and read music to a basic level. Further individual/group lessons subsidised for those wishing to commit to continuing with lessons from Enfield Music Service.
Science Dome £540.00 Provision of a broad and enriched curriculum including opportunities to work with visiting experts and to have access to the arts, which would otherwise not be possible for all learners. 155 children entitled to pupil premium funding provided with subsidised access to ensure that economic factors do not limit the curriculum they receive.
Pantomime £400.00
Book Week activities (West End in Schools, Storyteller, Young Shakespeare Company) £842.00
Young Voices at O2 £900.00
Dance Festival £440.00
Extended school sports clubs £4,560.00 To provide opportunities for all children to access quality PE and Sports coaching in addition to the school curriculum.  All children given equal access to after school sports clubs and competition.
Breakfast & After School Club £2,584.00 To provide quality care before and after school for children. 20 children access extended school day at a full or part subsidised cost ensuring that they are safe and fed from 8.00am to 6.00pm.
Subsidised school uniform £400.00 Economic factors are not a barrier to school attendance. 10 Children provided with subsidised school uniform.
Parent events £1,000.00 To host events aimed at developing parenting skills and engaging parents in their child(ren)’s education including breakfast café, parent workshops, visiting speakers. Parents engage more readily with the school and more effectively with their child(ren)’s education and learning.

Number of Pupils and Premium Grant (PPG) received (2016-17)
Total number of pupils on roll (May 2017) 461 FTE
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG  155 (34%)
Amount of PPG received per pupil  £1,320.00
Total amount of PPG received 2016/17  £204,600.00
Total expenditure £244,580.80
Pupil Premium Grant not accounted for -£39,980.80

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