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Special Educational Needs


Definition of terms used

17 Nov 2016

Specific Learning Difficulties
An umbrella term for children who have difficulties in one area of their development or learning – dyslexia, discalculia and dyspraxia are examples of specific learning difficulties.

Moderate Learning Difficluties
Children with Moderate Learning Difficulties often need a great deal of support in accessing all areas of the curriculum. They will have difficulties in lots of areas e.g. movement and co-ordination, reading and writing, learning new concepts and remembering them.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Issues

Children who have Social, Emotional or Mental Health needs may need support in identifying and managing their emotions, building and maintaining friendships and developing positive self-esteem.

Physical Disabilities
Children who have mobility issues.

Complex Health Needs
Children with these needs will often need medical interventions during the school day.

Communication Difficulties
Children with these needs will require support to develop ways to communicate with their peers and adults, this may be through the use of symbols or signing.

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