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Special Educational Needs


Inclusion & accessibility

17 Nov 2016

How accessible is the environment?
Keys Meadow School is on a flat site with a playground and field that are on the same level.  All of the building is fully wheelchair accessible and there are three disabled toilets.  If additional equipment or facilities are required for individual children with specific needs, we may liaise with the relevant specialist service, e.g. visually impaired or hearing impaired service to ensure the equipment provided can meet the needs of the child.  Some of this equipment is kept in the classroom e.g. slanted writing boards, wobble and sit cushion, dark lined paper or coloured overlays.  Other equipment may be stored somewhere else in school and used when necessary e.g. physio mats.  Additional resources may be provided by the school or we may apply for funding for other specialist resources from the London Borough of Enfield e.g. laptop and magnifier, braille machine.

How do we include children in activities and school trips?
Activities and school trips are available to all.  Risk assessments are carried out and procedures are put in place to enable all children to participate.  However, if it is deemed that an intensive level of 1:1 support is required and we are unable to redeploy additional staff, a parent or carer may be asked to accompany their child during the activity. 

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