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Special Educational Needs


Support for health & general well-being

17 Nov 2016

What support do we offer for children’s health and general wellbeing?
Each class from Reception to Year 6 follow the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum which delivers a broad curriculum which is aimed at raising self-esteem, self-confidence, acceptance of others and the ability to identify and discuss emotions. In addition to this whole class provision some children are offered further support through small group or individual work. All children are supported by a clear positive behaviour management policy which is consistent throughout the school. Some children and parents benefit from an individual reward system that links home and school. For those children who have significant difficulties with social and emotional development individual support plans will be drawn up and discussed with parents. Targets will be identified and provision planned. This will be monitored and reviewed regularly.  If behaviour is causing concern, it is always considered whether there are any underlying difficulties; if there are none, the class teacher would speak to parents about anything that might have happened at home. The class teacher/SENCo would gather information about incidents occurring, at what time of day, during which lessons and behaviour checklists may also be used to analyse and consider any patterns of behaviour. Observations would be conducted in class or on the playground to record behaviours, considering involvement of others, environmental factors and an intervention devised taking into account all information gathered.
The Inclusion Team includes staff who have counselling and mentoring experience and are accessible to those children who may need additional emotional support. Lunchtime clubs also help vulnerable children.
Children with significant Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues (SEMH) may be referred to other Professionals, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). They may also be supported through a pastoral support plan which would include other professionals, including the Educational Psychologist and Behaviour Support Services. Part-time placements at specialist provisions may also be available to those children with significant SEMH
Children’s views are voiced at Junior Leadership Meetings which are facilitated by a member of staff.  These views are fed back to classes and the Senior Leadership Team.
If your child has identified medical needs you will be invited into school to draw up a care plan to ensure your child’s needs are met. This will include how and when any regular medication needs to be taken. For this process you will meet with school Welfare Officer, Inclusion Lead and possibly the School Nurse. Care plans will be reviewed annually or, as and when children’s needs change.
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