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Special Educational Needs


Attainment & progress

17 Nov 2016

How do we check that a child is making progress and how do we keep parents informed?
Parents are always welcome to come into school to discuss their child’s progress or any concerns they may have. At the same time, teachers will speak to parents to raise any concerns as soon as they arise. There may be factors which can affect a child’s progress that we may be unaware of e.g a bereavement, or medical issues such as glue ear or visual difficulties. Discussions between school and home are vital in ensuring we work in partnership to benefit your child.
Curriculum letters will be sent out to parents at the start of each ½ term outlining the skills and learning objectives children will be working on in class.  Parents will also be invited to school based workshops on a variety of topics e.g. getting ready for school, phonics support, maths calculations to help them support their child’s learning. Class teachers will meet with families termly at Learning Reviews to discuss children’s progress, attainment and next steps in their learning. Members of the Inclusion Team may also attend these meetings. Ways to support children at home may be discussed for example certain skills to practice daily e.g. saying numbers to 10, ways to make homework more manageable by breaking tasks into small chunks or handwriting practise of certain letters.
Should your child have SEND, progress is also tracked through SEN Support Plans. This Plan is drawn up based on your child’s strengths and needs. Objectives or targets are set with strategies designed to help meet the targets. Parents are involved in this meeting and subsequent reviews.
If your child has a Statement or Education, Health & Care Plan parents will also be invited to an annual review to discuss progress, next steps and talk about further ways to support your child.
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