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Special Educational Needs



17 Nov 2016

How we decide what resources we can give to a child with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability?
Decisions around what resources are made available to those children with SEND are made in consultation with class teacher and Senior Leadership Team. Decisions are based upon termly tracking of pupil progress and as a result of assessments by outside agencies.
Every school receives an additional amount of money to help make Special Educational provision to meet children’s SEN. This is called the ‘notional SEN budget’. The amount in this budget is based on a formula which is agreed between schools and the local authority. The government has recommended that schools should use this notional SEN budget to pay for up to £6,000 worth of Special Educational provision to meet a child’s SEN. Most children with SEN need Special Educational provision that comes to less than £6,000. If we can show that a pupil with SEN needs more than £6,000 worth of Special Educational provision, we will ask the local authority to provide top up funding to meet the cost of that provision. Where the local authority agrees, the cost is provided from funding held by the local authority in their high needs block.
A Personal budget is an amount of money or resources potentially available in order to deliver the outcomes set out in an Education, Health and Care Plan. 
We review resources regularly. The SENCo and class teachers meet termly to review interventions in place and to assess progress of those children with additional or Special Educational Needs. If the child has made progress it may not be necessary to continue and their needs can be met through whole class planning and teaching. If the child has not made expected progress, then the decision may be made to try an alternative intervention or to seek further support from other Professionals. Additional equipment or specialist resources are often bought in order to meet specific needs based on the advice of other professionals or following research.
Staffing levels are reviewed annually by the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Decisions around how additional adults are deployed are always based on the needs of the children concerned. 
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