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Promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

06 Feb 2015

This is a strength of our school because we recognise that the personal development of pupils spiritually, morally, socially and culturally (SMSC) plays a significant part in raising aspirations, their ability to learn, achieve and live successful, fulfilling lives. 
Consequently we attach great importance to, and provide many opportunities, including some that are innovative, for pupils to explore and develop:
  • their own values and beliefs and those of others
  • spiritual awareness
  • high standards of personal behaviour
  • a positive, caring and respectful attitude towards other people
  • an understanding of their social and cultural traditions
  • an appreciation of the diversity and richness of the cultures in our school community and the wider world.
  • their own personal potential, capabilities, qualities and traits
The aims of the SMSC development programme at Keys Meadow are:
  • To develop the whole child (Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Emotional Physical Intellectual aspects of learning)
  • To ensure that everyone connected with the school is aware of our values and moral purpose
  • To provide a consistent and effective approach to the delivery of SMSC issues through the curriculum and the general life of the school
  • To ensure that pupils know what is expected of them and why
  • To give each pupil a range of opportunities to reflect upon and discuss their beliefs, feelings and responses to personal experience
  • To enable pupils to develop an understanding of their individual and group identity
  • To enable pupils to begin to develop an understanding of their social and cultural environment and an appreciation of the many cultures that enrich our school and the wider society within the context of fundamental British values
  • To give each pupil the opportunity to explore social and moral issues, and develop a sense of social and moral responsibility
  • To empower pupils, to know and value themselves, their achievements and uniqueness and in turn value and celebrate the qualities, abilities and achievements of others
  • To enable pupils to know and understand how to be successful and be the best they can be by developing life-enhancing, learning qualities and capabilities
  • To boost aspirations, broaden horizons, raise awareness, and maximise the potential of every student
  • To ensure every child feels capable (physical, intellectual) and lovable (social, emotional) - To have high Self-esteem
Successful learners…Confident individuals…Caring friends…Responsible citizens
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