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Achievement and the 8 Characteristics of Successful People

06 Feb 2015

Achievement in all areas of learning and development is celebrated in a number of ways in our school, including:
  • verbal praise
  • award of stickers
  • certificates
  • individual and group awards
  • prizes
  • golden tickets
These awards can take place in the classroom and beyond the classroom by sharing with other staff and classes or school leaders.In achievement assemblies (‘High Flyers’ and ‘Lift Off & Soar’ Assemblies), awards are always linked to The 8 Characteristics of Successful People, which are as follows:  
  1. They try new things and actively look for opportunities to learn.
  2. They work hard. There are no short cuts to getting really good at anything. Success is all about (deep, purposeful) practice and hard work.
  3. They are able to concentrate. They can stay focussed and avoid distractions.
  4. They can push themselves – when they don’t feel like doing things, when they feel shy, when they think they might fail and when their friends are trying to stop them doing what they want to do or what they know they should do.
  5. They imagine – to be successful we need to keep having ideas.
  6. They improve – successful people always try to make things better. They know that there is always room for improvement. Often they make lots of small improvements – tweaking, refining and taking small steps to greatness.
  7. They understand others. Successful people respect others and try to be useful to others.
  8. They do not give up! Successful people have setbacks, failures, criticism and rejection but they find a way round these problems and bounce back.

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