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Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) Curriculum Overveiw

09 Dec 2016

Nursery and Reception The Uniqueness of me
1) Similarities between myself and others
2) Naming external parts of the body
3) The importance of families
4) Caring for new babies – visit from new baby if possible
Year 1 Growing
1) The beginning of life – me, animals and plants
2) Roles in the family
3) Growth in people, animals and plants
Year 2 Differences
1) Differences: boys and girls
2) How have I changed from baby to now?
3) Naming the body parts including sex organs
Year 3 Differences and Stereotypes
1) Challenging gender stereotypes
2) Differences: male and female
3) Family differences
Year 4 Growing Up
1) Growing and changing
2) Body changes and reproduction
3) What is puberty?
Year 5 Puberty
1) Talking about puberty
2) Puberty and hygiene
3) Menstruation and wet dreams
Year 6 Puberty and Reproduction
1) Puberty and reproduction
2) Relationships and reproduction
3) Conception and pregnancy
Withdrawal from SRE
We all have a responsibility to ensure SRE takes place in an atmosphere that is open and respectful. Withdrawal from SRE is in our view, regrettable and not in the interest of a complete Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). 
Parents have the right to withdraw their children from SRE provided outside National Curriculum Science. They cannot withdraw their children from National Curriculum subjects.
Parents are welcome to discuss any aspect of their child’s education, including SRE, with their class teacher, Phase Leader or Head Teacher. All SRE teaching materials and plans are available for parents to see and discuss. Parents with questions and/or concerns should make an appointment prior to deciding whether or not to withdraw their child from SRE. Parents who then still choose to withdraw their child from SRE are asked to state this in writing annually to the Headteacher.

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