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Together we are committed to trying to share our concerns, ideas, thoughts and feelings,
and to being good listeners.

We are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where all children will be challenged in their thinking to achieve to the best of their ability and strive to become the best they can be. We will empower our children to become respected successful citizens to enable them to make valuable contributions locally, globally and to contribute to our world’s sustainable future.

This can be done most effectively when all staff, parents and children understand their responsibilities and work together towards the same goals.
· Promote high standards of work and behaviour.
· Support the values of the School.

· Provide a high standard of education within a balanced and appropriate curriculum.
· Provide specific information about the  curriculum and extra curricular activities  every half term.
· Provide a caring and nurturing learning environment which stimulates and challenges learners.
· Celebrate children’s academic and personal achievements.
· Expect high standards of behaviour and teach children to make positive and appropriate choices.
· Teach children to develop a positive attitude to one another, regardless of gender, race, culture, belief, values, age and need.
· Provide effective means of communication between home and school and respond quickly to any enquiries or concerns.
· Inform parents of any concerns relating to their child’s progress or conduct in a timely and sensitive way.
· Be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for families to become involved in the daily life of the school.
· Monitor children’s progress and provide advice and guidance over their work.
· Provide opportunities for children to learn at home and outside school.
· Ensure that our child attends school regularly, on time and with everything s/he needs, including the correct uniform and PE Kit.
· Inform the school immediately of any  absence.
· Let the School know of any concerns or problems that might affect our child’s learning, behaviour or well-being.
· Attend all Learning Review meetings to discuss our child's progress. Attend other meetings and events whenever possible.
· Support the School's rules and expectations as set out in the Behaviour Policy.
· Support our child to complete home  learning, read regularly and take opportunities to learn out of school.
· Not arrange holiday in term-time.
· Ensure the school is notified of any change in emergency contact numbers.
· Encourage a positive attitude towards our child’s education and our school.
· Praise our child’s efforts.
· Try my best in all that I do.
· Show care and respect at all times for:       
                 My friends and other children
                 My teachers and other adults
                 My belongings and other people’s property
                 My school
                 My family
· Tell a member of staff if I am worried or unhappy.
· Respect other pupils’ culture, race, feelings, beliefs and values.
· Come to school on time, with the things I need.
· Wear my school uniform and be tidy in my appearance.
· Follow the Keys Meadow Code and tell about any bullying I see.
· Learn about my rights and the responsibilities that go with them.

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