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The Use of PE & Sport Grant

The Use of PE & Sport Grant at Keys Meadow
Grant Allocation and Expenditure

Since 2013/14 the Government has providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is allocated to primary schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they are free to choose how they spend the money.

Keys Meadow Grant Allocation:
2016-17             £6017.00

For the 2017-18 planned use of PE & Sport Premium Grant, please see PE in the Curriculum tab.

At Keys Meadow we have invested in a specialist PE teacher, who leads high quality PE sessions for all year groups across the school, covering all aspects of the PE curriculum, invasion games, net games, athletics, dance, gymnastics and outdoor adventurous education. This teacher has also been used to develop classroom practitioners PE teaching skills and deliver after school clubs.
We buy back from the Physical Education and School Sport Service. This SLA includes:
  • Access to the entire Physical Education Professional Development Programme
  • Subject Leader support and training
  • Support with behaviour management, physical and learning impairments
  • Advice on Health and Safety in Physical Education
  • Entry into all school sporting leagues, fixtures and competitions and affiliation to the EPSSA
  • Entry into the annual Dance and Gymnastics Festival
Keys Meadow strongly believes in the power of sport and physical activity as a basis for a happy, healthy life and are committed to making sure that all our children are enabled to do the best that they can in both collaborative and competitive sports experiences. Therefore, the Grant Income is supplemented from School Funds.
Evidence of Impact Report
PE subject leader: Richard Lawrence
Target Where we were – September 2013
Impact evidence
Where we are now
To provide high quality P.E throughout the school 
Class teachers were teaching indoor and outdoor P.E 
  • A specialist PE teacher leads high quality PE sessions for all year groups across the school. Now 88% of our children are attaining on target or above.
  • All classes receive two hours of quality PE each week. 
  • Class teachers deliver indoor sessions/swimming using the new Enfield schemes of work. 
  • Focus is on developing P.E vocabulary and the use of ICT in P.E
Maximise opportunities for children to participate & compete in sport. 
Clubs running in the school of a total of 80 children.

  • The P.E specialist has been able to lead more afterschool clubs. Now we have five extra-curricular activities running afterschool for KS1 and KS2.
    (35 % of our pupils)
  • The school has also invested in a high quality coach to provide structured sports sessions for lunchtimes: teaching skills and playing games for all year groups from Reception to Year 6. Lunchtimes are very active.
  • Tiger Team Gym for KS1/2 initially targeting 12-15 children with physical development needs.
  • Supporting KS1 Sports day and Y3/4, Y5/6 Athletics Meetings support at the Lea Valley Athletics Centre
  • Year 6 Sports Leadership Course
Participate in competitive sport/leagues 
Not enough entries into  leagues/fixtures
Competitions against each other
  • Attended all sporting competitions (8 different sports to date) including athletics, football, Boccia and gymnastics.
  • Doubled the number of children participating in competitions (114 children last year).
  • Children have the skills, understanding, desires to compete against other schools.
  • 360 children go to Lea Valley athletics leisure centre for their Sport day. This gives the children the opportunity to compete against their peers in a high quality venue alongside professional athletes. 
  • Friendly matches with A teams and B teams (Netball and Football).
  • Three members of staff took a group of children on a PGL school journey to support and develop ‘team work’ and physical skills.
  • Kite Mark – Silver Award
  • Take 10 activities and promoted throughout the school on a rota basis
Active lunchtime activities Need to train and support active lunchtime - TA focus
  • The specialist PE teacher led a learning forum to train Teaching Assistants to deliver quality games outside during lunchtime.
  • Increased staff knowledge and understanding.
  • Sharing of best practice.
  • These activities engaged a wide variety of pupils and had a huge impact on the behaviour of KS2 children.
  • KS2 and KS1 children play ‘Team Building Games’ and children like playing in mixed year groups.
  • Positive attitude to health and wellbeing.
  • Active and sports lunchtimes
Provide professional development in PE and sport. Ensuring quality first teaching 
  • Access to the entire Physical Education Professional Development Programme.
  • Subject Leader support and training.
  • PE Apprenticeship Scheme – working with a student from West Lea School
Children should leave school with a ‘tool kit’ equipping them as lifelong learners. The tool kit should include not just the ability to physical performances, but an ability to evaluate themselves and their peers. 
Supporting Evidence:
Electronic planning
P.E Timetable
Sport coach timetable for lunchtime
Kite Mark Award



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