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Register of Interests

Full Name Type of Governor Date of Appointment Term of Office Date of
stepping down
Appointed by Relevant Business/ Pecuniary Interests/Relationships
Samuel Adeyemo Co-opted 26/03/2015 4 years May 2016 Governing Body none
Mahnaz Asghar Parent 28/11/2011 4 years November 2015 Parent vote Parent Governor at Lea Valley High School
Karen Bence Co-opted 10/2/2015 4 years n/a Governing Body Chair of PTA at West Lea School
Caroline Davies LA 30/10/2013 & reappointed 6/9/2017 4 years n/a Local Authority Chair of Governors - Applied Educational Solutions
Paula Frederick Parent 6/2/2015 4 years 1/09/2015 Parent vote none
Jane Jenner Associate (SBM) 16/9/2015 1 year n/a SBM position none
Catherine Lane Headteacher 6/11/2013 n/a n/a Governing Body Governor at Applied Educational Solutions
Mandy Lawrence Associate (DHT) 16/9/2015 n/a n/a DHT position Married to Richard Lawrence, Company Director of Laurel Active Learning, who deliver PE & Sport in school.
Sabri Ozaydin Parent 6/2/2015 4 years n/a Parent vote none
Lawrence Price Associate with voting rights (Headteacher) 16/9/2015 1 year 31/08/2016 Governing Body none
Donna Speller Staff 29/9/2014 4 years 11/02/2016 Staff vote Awaiting information
Pauline White Associate  6/11/2013 4 years n/a Governing Body Awaiting information
Lorraine Cody Co-opted 6/11/2013 4 years 6/3/2015 Governing Body Awaiting information
Ayse Mahendran Parent 20/10/2015 4 years n/a Parent Vote Awaiting information
Parisa Shirazi Co-opted 14/10/2015 4 years June 2017 Governing Body none
Yvonne Abba-Opoku Parent 28/11/2015 4 years 22/07/2016 Parent none
Amy Law Staff  22/06/2016 4 years n/a Staff vote none
Gary Herbert Co-opted 17/11/2016 4 years n/a Governing Body none
Oozma Akram Parent 17/11/2016 4 years n/a Parent none
Fr Stephen Gallagher Co-opted June 2017 4 years n/a Governing Body none

Full Name Achievement Committee Resources Committee
Karen Bence X X
Caroline Davies X X
Jane Jenner   X
Catherine Lane X X
Mandy Lawrence X X
Sabri Ozaydin X X
Pauline White    
Ayse Mahendran X X
Amy Law X X
Gary Herbert X X
Oozma Akram X X
Fr Stephen Gallagher    

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