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Headteachers' Welcome Message

Welcome to Keys Meadow 

You can do it. You can fly.

We are part of the Attigo Academy Trust. For more information visit the
Attigo Academy Trust website.

The words of our school maxim say it all – an inspiring, insistent and positive ‘can do’ mind-set that we endeavour to
 impress upon and instil in our children as they pursue excellence and grow their talent.

Throughout their time with us the children develop personal qualities and values through the School’s ‘I Can’ Programme. These qualities include: Self Awareness (knowing and valuing themselves); Self-Regulation (ability to manage their feelings); Motivation (working towards goals with persistence, resilience and optimism); Empathy (awareness of others’ thoughts and feelings); and Social Skills (building and maintaining relationships). The values include: courage, determination and excellence.

In addition we expect every learner to achieve at least nationally expected age and stage standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics as well as developing wider skills and knowledge through an engaging and motivating curriculum.

At Keys Meadow we constantly look out for and offer opportunities for our children to step out of and ‘grow’ their comfort zones. For example, Year 6 can apply to be part of a crew on a sailing voyage in the English Channel; all our annual Athletics Days and swimming programmes take place at Olympic standard facilities; in 2013 our successful football team represented our school and country at a European tournament in Germany; every two years Year 5 stage a professional end of year show where they manage the front of house, lighting, visual effects, sound, props, costumes, stage make-up and marketing the show as well as performing! We believe these, and other innovative projects like them, help boost aspirations in our pupils, broaden their horizons and raise awareness of their options for the future in order to maximise their potential.

We insist that the quality of teaching at our school is at least good and we are implementing and monitoring a clear plan to ensure all our practice is at this standard or better and is continually improving and developing.

The award winning indoor environment has been designed and set up so that the children feel comfortable, secure and able to engage and learn effectively. Outside, our impressive grounds provide a variety of spaces creating a range of settings for study, learning, teaching, play and to socialise.

We believe our school is an exciting and inspiring place to work, learn and play and we look forward to you and your family becoming a part of it.

Mandy Lawrence
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